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meat restaurant of Turkish cuisine
100 kg
The red tram is the official symbol of the Taksim restaurant chains and each of the branches certainly uses this tram symbolism. The thing is that wherever we are, we are trying to convey to people the atmosphere of Istanbul and Taksim Square.

The main concept of our restaurant is to give our customersthe pleasure of delicious Turkish cuisine in all its diversity.
"Taksim" takes its name from the famous square in Istanbul and the nostalgic tram that runs through this square
We are not afraid to experiment, creating bold flavor combinations. The main rule remains unchanged for us: only the highest quality products cooked on natural coals
The bar menu features exclusively original cocktails from the creative bar manager, which are the pride of the project and are very popular among visitors
Special attention in our project is paid to serving dishes. We are confident: serving dishes is an art as important as cooking itself
Advantages of the Taksim
When opening TAKSIM restaurants, we carefully analyze and select places! It is important to us that all our branches are located in high-traffic areas and are recognizable among recognizable among guests
actual FORMAT
Our restaurants employ the best chefs, many of whom we have specially brought from Turkey! All our dishes are designed specifically for our network and are initially fully tasted, only then they get to the guests' tables!
We have no task to make the price as low as possible or raise it very high! We always strive to make our prices affordable for most people. We set prices depending on the concept of a particular restaurant
The cuisine in Taksim restaurants is automated and organized by highly qualified specialists. It is thanks to this that any item from the menu is prepared for us for no more than 20 minutes
Thanks to the concept of our restaurants, we have covered various groups of people. Our restaurants are suitable for both family people with children and for holding a business meeting
The interior of the entire chain of our restaurants has a single style. The symbol of the Taksim restaurant chain is a red tram from Taksim Square in Istanbul
A professional team of marketers works with our restaurants! We pay great attention to advertising promotion, which is why we work with the best marketers
We use the highest quality meat with
a halal certificate
In addition to the fact that all meat for our kitchen comes from our own farm and meets quality standards, we would like to emphasize our reverent attitude to fattening cattle from the first days, hygiene of its maintenance, slaughter according to Sharia norms, as well as hygiene.
Development of an individual design project and technical materials (electricity, ventilation, plumbing plan)

The right to use a registered trademark

Assistance in the purchase of all necessary commercial equipment

We provide all suppliers of grill and open kitchen in TAKSIM concept

We provide all furniture suppliers

Professional software

Assistance in the purchase of production equipment
Lump sum payment of
There are no deductions for advertising
The investment amount includes
We provide all design layouts of the exterior signage and bar counter

Departure of the opening department

Marketing support when opening a restaurant (evaluation of traffic, infrastructure and competitors)

Accreditation of a place and premises for opening a restaurant (traffic and infrastructure assessment)

Menu, technological and calculation cards

Assistance in recruitment

Professional training of personnel
Expanding the possibilities
We are expanding opportunities for our Franchisees! If you already have a ready-made restaurant, then now you can also become the proud owner of Taksim Restaurant! You won't need to look for a new place, we'll just remake your restaurant to the Taksim format
Stationary premises, shopping center premises

Area: from 300 sq m

Power consumption - from 40 kW

Possibility of installing an exhaust system

It is desirable to have Parking (for stationary objects)

Preferably the possibility of arranging a summer playground
from $175 000
Restaurant opening:
from 8 to 14 months
Payback period:
The population of the city is from 1 million people
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