Made by moms for kids
Does not irritate the eyes due to vegetable detergents

My name is Irina Dobrova, I am a mother of 2 daughters and the brand founder of BABY iD.

«Today, thousands of parents from different countries are involved in the creation of BABYiD products. We wanted to make expensive quality ingredients available to many families. This is how BABYiD was born. A brand made by mothers for babies!»
BABYiD is the first brand in the FMCG category, created with the participation of 2000 mothers from all over the world. Just like you would do for your baby! Over the 2 years of the brand's life, we have washed more than 500,000 babies from 11 countries.

Space Factory! All BABYiD products are made in a factory that makes hygiene products for astronauts on the International Space.

"We have made expensive, high-quality ingredients available to many families"
Vegetable cleaning bases preserve the protective barrier of the skin and do not irritate the baby's eyes

Eco-friendly formula gives shine and softness to hair without synthetic conditioner

Bio-extracts of medicinal herbs: lavender, chamomile, string and calendula care for the scalp

Key fragrances: herbal, delicate
300 ml. | 0+
Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) and allantoin from the comfrey plant moisturize and restore the skin

Sulfate-free formula gently cleanses skin and rinses off easily without leaving on the skin

Does not irritate baby's eyes due to the mild coconut, vegetables and fruits cleansing bases

Key fragrances: herbal, delicate
300 ml. | 0+
Joyful bathing with foam delicately cleanses the baby's skin, keeps it soft and moisturized

Bio-extracts of chamomile, calendula, string and lavender care for baby's delicate skin

Sulfate-free formula gives a lot of foam and doesn't damage the natural protective layer of baby's skin

Key fragrances: juicy green apple
300 ml. | 0+
The scent of the foam is given by a natural bioextract and lavender essential oil

The complex of vegetable cleansing components gives a gentle foam and doesn't irritate the baby's eyes

Bathing with the foam gently cleanses the skin, keeps it soft and moisturized

Key fragrances: natural lavender
300 ml. | 0+
Sulfate-free formula gives a good foam, gently cleanses the skin and safe for baby's eyes

Completely washed off and preserving the natural protective barrier of the baby's skin

Bio-herbal extracts and allantoin (from the comfrey plant) soften and care for baby skin

Key fragrances: juicy green apple
300 ml. | 0+
Gentle on the baby's eye due to mild vegetable cleansing bases

Shampoo-gel foams well and is completely washed off from the baby's hair and skin

Complex of bio-herbal extracts, allantoin and Panthenol soothe the skin, give shine and easy combing to the hair

Key fragrances: berry, sweet, fruity
300 ml. | 0+
for children from birth

Apple amino acid complex from natural juice gently cleanses and does not dry the skin
All products do not irritate the eyes

Formulas without sulfates, silicone
oils and parabens

Food preservatives and hypoallergenic

The composition of BIO-components and the decoding of all ingredients

Each product contains BiO
extracts of medicinal herbs
on all means
Expiration date
24 months
300 ml
Space technologies
The main BABY iD line is being created at the Russian JVC "ORBITА", which produces hygiene products for astronauts of the International Space Station.
Quality standards
We work on Italian equipment according to the high standards of GOST R and ISO 9001-2015. The ORBITА enterprise has been on the market for more than 20 years and has passed a pre-audit for compliance with the GMP production standard.
Creating products
The laboratory where our formulas were created is headed by a candidate of technical Sciences, together we tested more than 150 product samples to select 7 of the best.
The best ingredients
We bring bio-ingredients from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Japan, Korea and other countries. Three cleaning bases have eco-certificates COSMOS and ECOCERT.
"All the best for children: BABYiD is a modern and eco-friendly brand of baby's hygiene"
"A young Russian brand specializing in children's eco products has launched products with natural ingredients"
"Particularly popular are sulfate free bath foams based on cleaning bases from fruits, vegetables, Panthenol and a complex of bio-herbal extracts"
"This is an open brand that supports local manufacturers. Interesting that each bottle of BABYiD is signed with the name of the brand's founder and buyers can write to Irina directly"
"Allantoin, baby herbs, and 4 more Important Ingredients to look for in baby products on the example of BABYiD eco brand"
"Baby eco sulfate-free liquid soap is the BABYiD bestseller"
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